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May 5, 2005
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My first by Felina-Cat My first by Felina-Cat
My first font, which is a strange sort of my handwriting. I had no idea how to make a font from scratch, so I drew the letters from hand. Because I had no scanner, I made a picture with my digi cam, and re-did them in Photoshop and made a font out of it. Could have been made it easier, but anyways ;)

Please credit me / drop me a line / add to favourites / comment if you download it.

Feedback is very appreciated.

*** edited *** I improved some characters and added numbers and punctuation.
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MarikasAttic Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2008
You have very cool fonts! I have downloaded few.
Thank you!
OibyrdsDDs Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2006
could you give me a pointer on how to load this font into photoshop? :?
Felina-Cat Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
That depends on your operating system, and if you got windows it also depends on the version of your windows.
First download and unzip the font, then put the *.ttf File into your fonts ordner. I got windows 2000, at my computer it's under WINNT\Fonts. Just drag and drop the file, and voilá, it's installed. Then open your PS and you should be able to use this font.

I hope I could help you a bit.
McBob Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2005
i like it.
needs numbers and punctuation.
Felina-Cat Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
In case you're still interested: I added numbers and punctuation to this font. :)
McBob Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2005
Felina-Cat Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
Working on it. Thanks for your comment :)
groovyhobo Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2005
ya i like it too, ima try to use it in my siggy, im tryin to make right now
LinaPerez Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2005  Student
i downloaded it
i like it
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